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Midi+PhD Project Proposals from Cambridge Academics

last modified Dec 19, 2018 02:35 PM
We are now accepting project proposals for Midi (May-Jul 2019) + PhD projects (starting Oct 2019) for our c2018 students. Deadline 18 Feb.

About the Midi +PhD Projects:

The midi project is 13 weeks long and will run from early May – end July 2019.

The PhD projects (beginning Sep/Oct 2019) may or may not be directly connected to the Midi project, but will benefit from building on skills and experience gained during the Midi project. There are no research costs available from the NanoDTC during the PhD period, but the students themselves will be fully funded. The project proposals will be assessed by the NanoDTC External Advisory Board in March before release for students’ consideration. The External Advisory Board assessment criteria include: fit to the NanoDTC research themes (see, appropriate scope and ambition and interdisciplinarity. 

All NanoDTC projects require an academic co-supervisor from another department/discipline in addition to the main PI. Please email me if you need assistance finding suitable co-PIs for your project.

Deadlines and submission details:

Proposals are to be submitted in a combined Midi + PhD form. The deadline for submitting the completed project proposals is Monday, 18th Feb 2019. Please upload the completed form to Moodle by this date.