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Nanointeractions event a great sucess!

last modified May 14, 2014 11:28 AM
Nanointeractions was an excellent platform for Nano researchers around Cambridge to meet and discuss ideas. A particular highlight was the problem solving session which was enjoyed by all.
Nanointeractions event a great sucess!

A group discusses one of the three problems at the problem solving session



The Nanointeractions event held in St. Edmunds college on 10th April was an excellent platform for Nano researchers around Cambridge to meet and discuss ideas. A particular highlight was the problem solving session which was enjoyed by all.

Here is a summary of the Nanointeractions event written by one of the 'problem owners' - Julian Willis of Cohort 2013:

The NanoInteractions problem-solving afternoon was a great opportunity to shine a lot of extra insight on a scientific problem I had been faced with and jump past the proverbial stumbling block. The session helped me in my field of synthetic biology and bioengineering and I certainly now have a number of new leads to go away to investigate and try out.

In a nice variation to the typical theme of passively listening to talks or lectures, it was a fun session where people could get their teeth into a scientific puzzle which was both interesting and relevant. It was good to see so many brains whirring as everyone really engaged and got stuck in with some problem-solving.

In particular it was excellent to have so many people from a range of different backgrounds coming together and bouncing ideas off each other. A lot of new perspectives and aspects were touched on, with people exploring new avenues or questioning something you had dismissed or overlooked and not really thought about before. It was interesting to see how different fields are often faced with the same types of issues and technicalities, just with different specifics or applications. This was especially helpful when someone introduced me to an established area I had not been familiar with before but will undoubtedly be really useful. This is all about throwing around some new and different considerations to give you some useful extra leads.

Ultimately science is all about problem solving and this is something which all scientists do well. There is no reason why you should have to struggle on  with a problem alone by yourself, and so coming together to make use of our collective brainpower is something we should really do a whole lot more often.

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