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Our students perform more than 30 practicals over an intense 7 week period at the start of their course. These practicals are held in different departments / research groups all across the University in small groups of around 3 students each.

Students get hands-on training on cutting-edge techniques for nano research through these practicals, in addition to becoming closely aware of research going on across the University. The practicals for 2018-19 include:

  1. AFM 1 – basics
  2. AFM 2 – advanced
  3. Scalable Nanofabrication 1  -   Inverse Opal Electrode
  4. Scalable Nanofabrication 2 -  R2R Nanoimprint
  5. Optical microscopy
  6. Confocal microscopy
  7. Superresolution microscopy
  8. Raman spectroscopy
  9. Microfluidics 1
  10. Microfluidics 2
  11. Nanocrystal Batch Synthesis and Characterisation
  12. Solar cell fabrication
  13. Solar Cell characterisation
  14. Nanoparticle Flow Synthesis and Characterisation
  15. NP imaging with TEM
  16. DNA Origami
  17. Devices 1- e-beam lithography
  18. Devices 2 - Graphene Growth and Transfer
  19. Devices 3 - FIB
  20. Cyclic Voltammetry
  21. Electrodeposition + Nanoelectrochemistry
  22. ESEM and EDS
  23. High Resolution TEM
  24. Multidimensional Data Analysis in Electron Microscopy
  25. x-ray diffraction
  26. Gas adsorption / BET
  27. TGA/DSC
  28. DLS / Zetasizer
  29. 3D Printing + Matlab
  30. Intro to Python programming
  31. Arduinos and Raspberry Pi

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Midi+PhD Project Proposals from Cambridge Academics

Dec 19, 2018

We are now accepting project proposals for Midi (May-Jul 2019) + PhD projects (starting Oct 2019) for our c2018 students. Deadline 18 Feb.

NanoDTC student paper published in Nature Comms

Dec 07, 2018

c2013 student Jasmine Rivett was the first author on the recent paper, “Long-lived polarization memory in the electronic states of lead-halide perovskites from local structural dynamics” in Nature Communications.

Applications for Oct 2019 entry

Nov 15, 2018

We are now accepting applications for entry in Oct 2019. The deadline to be considered for the 1st round of shortlisting is 5th Dec 2018.

Black researchers shaping the future

Oct 13, 2018

As the UK marks Black History Month, researchers from across the University talk about their route to Cambridge, their inspiration and their motivation.