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Dr Adam Boies

Dr Adam Boies

Lecturer, Division of Energy, Engineering Department

Fellow Trinity College


Departments and Institutes



Sensors ; Aerosol printing ; Carbon nanotubes ; Nanoparticles ; Energy storage ; CVD ; Catalysis ; Nano-assembly

Key Publications

  1. M. Dickau, J. S. Olfert, A. Momenimovahed, K. Thompson, G. Smallwood, M. E. J. Stettler, A.M. Boies, Y. Sevcenco, A. Crayford, and M. Johnson, Submitted 2016. Volatility and Effective Density of Particles Emitted from a Gas Turbine Engine, Atmospheric Environment.
  2. D.J. Worth, M.E.J. Stettler, P. Dickenson, K. Hegarty, and A.M. Boies. Submitted 2016. Characterization and Evaluation of Methane Oxidation Catalysts for Dual Fuel Diesel and Natural Gas Engines, Emission Control Science & Technology.
  3. M. Dickau, J. Olfert, M. Stettler, A. M. Boies, A. Momenimovahed, K. Thomson, G. Smallwood, and M. Johnson, Submitted 2016. Methodology for Quantifying the Mixing State of an Aerosol, Aerosol Science & Technology.
  4. Stettler, M., W. Midgley, J. Swanson, D. Cebon, A.M. Boies, 2016. Greenhouse Gas and Noxious Emissions from Dual Fuel Diesel and Natural Gas Heavy Goods Vehicles. Environmental Science & Technology 50(4) 2018-2026.
  5. Hoecker, C., F. Smail, M. Bajada, M. Pick, A.M. Boies, 2016. Catalyst Nanoparticle Growth Dynamics and Their Influence on Product Morphology in a CVD Process for Continuous Carbon Nanotube Synthesis. Carbon 96 116-124.  
  6. Dastanpour, R., S. Rogak, B. Graves, J. Olfert, M.L. Eggersdorfer, A.M. Boies, 2015. Improved Sizing of Soot Primary Particles Using Mass-Mobility Measurements. Aerosol Science & Technology.
  7. Saffy, H.A., W.F. Northrop, D.B. Kittelson, A.M. Boies, 2015. Energy, Carbon Dioxide and Water Use Implications of Hydrous Ethanol Production. Energy Conversion and Management 105 900-907.  
  8. Chong, U., J.J. Swanson, A.M. Boies, 2015. Air Quality Evaluation of London Paddington Train Station. Environmental Research Letters 10(9): 094012.
  9. Boies, A.M., M.E.J. Stettler, J.J. Swanson, T.J. Johnson, J.S. Olfert, M. Johnson, M.L. Eggersdorfer, T. Rindlisbacher, J. Wang, K. Thomson, G. Smallwood, Y. Sevcenco, D. Walters, P.I. Williams, J. Corbin, A.A. Mensah, J. Symonds, R. Dastanpour, S.N. Rogak, 2015. Particle Emission Characteristics of a Gas Turbine with a Double Annular Combustor. Aerosol Science and Technology 49(9): 842-855. doi:10.1080/02786826.2015.1078452    
  10. Bishop, J.D.K.., M.E.J. Stettler, N. Molden, A.M. Boies, Submitted 2015. Real-world environmental impacts from modern passenger vehicles operating in urban settings. International Journal of Transport Development and Integration (ISSN:2058-8305; DISSN:2058-8313).
  11. Bishop, J.D.K.., M.E.J. Stettler, N. Molden, A.M. Boies, Submitted 2015. Engine maps of fuel use and emissions from transient driving cycles. Applied Energy.
  12. Bishop, J., N. Martin, A.M. Boies, Dec 2015. Quantifying the role of vehicle size, powertrain technology, activity and consumer behaviour on new UK passenger vehicle fleet energy use and emissions under different policy objectives. Applied Energy.
  13. de La Verpilliere, J.L., J.J. Swanson, A.M. Boies, 2015. Unsteady Bipolar Diffusion Charging in Aerosol Neutralisers: A Non-Dimensional Approach to Predict Charge Distribution Equilibrium Behaviour. Journal of Aerosol Science 86 55-68. doi:10.1016/j.jaerosci.2015.03.006
  14. Martin, N.P.D., J.D.K. Bishop, R. Choudhary, A.M. Boies, 2015. Can UK Passenger Vehicles Be Designed to Meet 2020 Emissions Targets? A Novel Methodology to Forecast Fuel Consumption with Uncertainty Analysis. Applied Energy(0).  
  15. Johnson, T.J., J.S. Olfert, J.P.R. Symonds, M. Johnson, T. Rindlisbacher, J.J. Swanson, A.M. Boies, K. Thomson, G. Smallwood, D. Walters, Y. Sevcenco, A. Crayford, R. Dastanpour, S.N. Rogak, L. Durdina, Y.K. Bahk, B. Brem, J. Wang, 2015. Effective Density and Mass-Mobility Exponent of Aircraft Turbine Particulate Matter. Journal of Propulsion and Power 1-10.
  16. Chong, U., S.H. Yim, S.R. Barrett, A.M. Boies, 2014. Air Quality and Climate Impacts of Alternative Bus Technologies in Greater London. Environmental Science & Technology 48(8):
  17. Bishop, J.D.K., N.P.D. Martin, A.M. Boies, 2014. Cost-Effectiveness of Alternative Powertrains for Reduced Energy Use and CO2 Emissions in Passenger Vehicles. Applied Energy 124 44-61.
  18. Staples, M.D., R. Malina, H. Olcay, M.N. Pearlson, J.I. Hileman, A. Boies, S.R. Barrett, 2014. Lifecycle Greenhouse Gas Footprint and Minimum Selling Price of Renewable Diesel and Jet Fuel from Fermentation and Advanced Fermentation Production Technologies. Energy & Environmental Science 7(5): 1545-1554.
  19. Stettler, M.E.J., J.J. Swanson, S.R.H. Barrett, A.M. Boies, 2013. Updated Correlation between Aircraft Smoke Number and Black Carbon Concentration. Aerosol Science and Technology 47(11): 1205-1214.
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  22. Yan, X., O.R. Inderwildi, D.A. King, A.M. Boies, 2013. Effects of Ethanol on Vehicle Energy Efficiency and Implications on Ethanol Life-Cycle Greenhouse Gas Analysis. Environmental Science & Technology 47(11): 5535-5544.
  23. Omu, A., R. Choudhary, A.M. Boies, 2013. Distributed Energy Resource System Optimisation Using Mixed Integer Linear Programming. Energy Policy 61(0): 249-266.
  24. Lei, P., A.M. Boies, S. Calder, S.L. Girshick, 2012. Thermal Plasma Synthesis of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles. Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing 32(3): 519-531.
  25. Boies, A.M., S. Calder, P. Agarwal, P. Lei, S.L. Girshick, 2012. Chemical Kinetics of Photoinduced Chemical Vapor Deposition: Silica Coating of Gas-Phase Nanoparticles. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116(1): 104-114.
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  28. Calder, S.L., A.M. Boies, P. Lei, S.L. Girshick, J.T. Roberts, 2011. Photo-Assisted Hydrosilylation of Silicon Nanoparticles: Dependence of Particle Size on Grafting Chemistry. Chemistry of Materials 23(11): 2917-2921. 
  29. Boies, A.M., P. Lei, S. Calder, W.G. Shin, S.L. Girshick, 2011. Hot-Wire Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles. Aerosol Science and Technology 45(5): 654 - 663.
  30. Calder, S., A. Boies, P. Lei, S. Girshick, 2011. Synthesis of Silica-Coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Magnetic Resonance Contrast Enhancement and Thermal Therapies. Journal of Medical Devices 5(2): 027534-027534. 10.1115/1.3591376. doi:10.1115/1.3591376.  
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  33. Tessum, C., A.M. Boies, J. Hill, J.D. Marshall, 2010. Expanding Biofuel Production: Sustainability and the Transition to Advanced Biofuels: Summary of a Workshop. Appendix E: Assessing the Sustainability of Biofuels: Metrics, Models, and Tools for Evaluating the Impact of Biofuels, The National Academies Press. ISBN: 978-0-309-14714-9
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  37. Boies, A.M., K.O. Homan, J.H. Davidson, W. Liu, 2005. A Variable Effectiveness Model for Indirect Thermal Storage Devices. Proceedings of ASME Heat Transfer 1: 653-661.
  38. Boies, A.M., K.O. Homan, 2005. System Performance of an Indirect Collector Storage Preheater in Series with a Conventional Electric Resistance Water Heater. ASME Proceedings of Solar Engineering 2005(47373): 343-353.

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