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Dr Richard Howe

Dr Richard Howe

Trainee Patent Attorney at Mewburn Ellis LLP

NanoDTC Translational Prize Fellow

NanoDTC Student, Cohort 2011

Office Phone: 01223 - 762382

Departments and Institutes



AFM ; Nano composite materials including nano particles, nano tubes and 2D materials, for electronic and photonic applications ; CNT, Graphene, ; 2d materials ; Flexible devices

Key Publications

  1. G. Hu, T. Albrow-Owen, X. Jin, A. Ali, Y. Hu, R. C. T. Howe, K. Shehzad, Z. Yang, X. Zhu, R. I. Woodward, T.-C. Wu, H. Jussila, J.-B. Wu, P. Peng, P. Tan, Z. Sun, E. J. R. Kelleher, M. Zhang, Y. Xu, and T. Hasan, “Black phosphorus ink formulation for inkjet printing of optoelectronics and photonics”, Nature Communications 8, 278 (2017).

  2. H. Jussila, T. Albrow-Owen, H. Yang, G. Hu, S. Aksimsek, N. Granqvist, H. Lipsanen,  R. C. T. Howe, Z. Sun, and T. Hasan, “New approach for thickness determination of solution deposited graphene thin films”, ACS Omega 2, 2630-2638 (2017).

  3. M. Chernysheva, A. Bednyakova, M. Al Araimi, R. C. T. Howe, G. Hu, T. Hasan, A. Gambetta, G. Galzerano, M. Rümmeli, and A. Rozhin, “Double-wall carbon nanotube hybrid mode-locker in Tm-doped fibre laser: A novel mechanism for robust bound-state solitons generation”, Scientific Reports 7, 44314 (2017).

  4. D. Dodoo Arhin, R. C. T. Howe, G. Hu, Y. Zhang, P. Hiralal, A. Bello, G. Amaratunga, and T. Hasan, “Inkjet-printed graphene electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells”, Carbon 105, 33-41 (2016).

  5. R. C. T. Howe, R. I. Woodward, G. Hu, Z. Yang, E. J. R. Kelleher, and T. Hasan, “Surfactant-aided exfoliation of molybdenum disulphide for ultrafast pulse generation through edge-state saturable absorption”, Physica Status Solidi (B) 253, 911-917 (2016).

  6. S. Xu, F. Wang, C. Zhu, Y. Meng, Y. Liu, W. Liu, J. Tang, K. Liu, G. Hu, R. C. T. Howe, T. Hasan, R. Zhang, Y. Shi, and Y. Xu, “Ultrafast nonlinear photoresponse of single-wall carbon nanotubes: A broadband degenerate investigation”, Nanoscale 8, 9304-9309 (2016).

  7. M. Zhang, G. Hu, G. Hu, R. C. T. Howe, L. Chen, Z. Zheng, and T. Hasan, “Yb- and Er-doped fiber laser Q-switched with an optically uniform, broadband WS2 saturable absorber”, Scientific Reports 5, 17482 (2015).

  8. S. Santra, G. Hu, R. C. T. Howe, A de Luca, S. Z. Ali, F. Udrea, J. W. Gardner, S. K. Ray, P. K. Guha, and T. Hasan, “CMOS integration of inkjet-printed graphene for humidity sensing”, Scientific Reports 5, 17434 (2015).

  9. R. C. T. Howe, G. Hu, Z. Yang, and T. Hasan, “Functional inks of graphene, metal dichalcogenides and black phosphorus for photonics and (opto)electronics”, Proceedings of SPIE 9553, 95530R (2015).

  10. R. I. Woodward*, R. C. T. Howe*, T. H. Runcorn, G. Hu, F. Torrisi, E. J. R. Kelleher, and T. Hasan, “Wideband saturable absorption in few-layer molybdenum diselenide (MoSe2) for Q-switching Yb-, Er- and Tm-doped fiber lasers”, Optics Express 23, 20051-20061 (2015).

    *These authors contributed equally to this work

  11. M. Zhang, R. C. T. Howe, R. I. Woodward, E. J. R. Kelleher, F. Torrisi, G. Hu, S. V. Popov, J. R. Taylor, and T. Hasan, “Solution processed MoS2-PVA composite for sub-bandgap mode-locking of a wideband tunable ultrafast Er:fiber laser”, Nano Research 8, 1522-1534 (2015).

    This paper received the 2017 Nano Research “Top Papers” award

  12. R. I. Woodward, R. C. T. Howe, G. Hu, F. Torrisi, M. Zhang, T. Hasan, and E. J. R. Kelleher, “Few-layer MoS2 saturable absorbers for short-pulse laser technology: current status and future perspectives”, Photonics Research 3, A30-A42 (2015).

    This paper received the 2015 Photonics Research “Editor in Chief Choice” award

  13. R.I. Woodward, E.J.R. Kelleher, R. C. T. Howe, G. Hu, F. Torrisi, T. Hasan, S.V. Popov, and J.R. Taylor, “Tunable Q-switched fiber laser based on saturable edge-state absorption in few-layer molybdenum disulfide (MoS2)”, Optics Express 22, 31113-31122 (2014).

  14. R. C. T. Howe, A.P. Smalley, A.P.M. Guttenplan, M.W.R. Doggett, M.D. Eddlestone, J.C. Tan, and G.O. Lloyd, “A family of simple benzene 1,3,5-tricarboxamide (BTA) aromatic carboxylic acid hydrogels”, Chemical Communications 49, 4268-4270 (2013).

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