Several of our students, associates, and alumni have gone off to found their own companies, building on the knowledge and experience they gained during their time at the NanoDTC. A number of these have been strongly supported by seed funds and translational funding from Cambridge Enterprise and have benefitted from the University Enterprise Network more generally.

Some of the startups/spinouts include:


Next-generation oncology drug development - Dr. Matthew Griffiths, c2013


AI for drug discovery - Dr. Ryan Greenhalgh, c2017


Innovation Consulting - Dr. Dishant Mahendru, c2010 and Dr. Dirk Mersch, c2010


Tools for more efficient drug trials - Dr. Tarun Vemulkar, c2012 and Dr. Jeroen Verheyen, NanoDTC Associate 2014

Echion Technologies

Fast charging batteries - Jean de la Verpilliere, c2013 and Dr. Alex Groombridge, c2013


Charge photometry to measure energy storage in operating batteries - Dr. Alice Merryweather, c2018


Portable on-site biomolecule analysis - Dr. Philipp Braueninger, NanoDTC Associate 2016


Nano-formulations - Dr. Jamie Walters, NanoDTC Associate 2010

Nu Quantum

Quantum Technologies for Satellites - Dr. Carmen Palacios Berraquero, c2013

Simprints Technology

Biometrics for the developing world - Alexandra Grigore, c2012


Rapid diagnosis of traumatic brain injury - Dr. Patrick Beldon, c2009


Sustainable pigments and glitter - Dr. Benjamin Droguet, NanoDTC Associate 2021