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Dr. Gunnar Kusch

I am an SEM scientist managing the state-of-the art time resolved cathodoluminescence facility in the group of Prof. Oliver at the University of Cambridge. My main contribution to the field is the development of novel techniques for cathodoluminescence imaging together with the technical support needed for making these new tools accessible to the community.

The novelty of our system lies in its capability to generate a pulsed electron beam which, in turn, allows me to develop time-resolved (hyperspectral) cathodoluminescence mapping modes. This new method enables me to shed light on important unanswered questions such as the impact of trench defects in InGaN on the carrier dynamics. Additional developments include establishing strategies for imaging beam sensitive samples and establishing correlative imaging methods, implementing the newly developed techniques.

To provide the means for the analysis of multidimensional cathodoluminescence data sets I a developing collaborative open-source scripts for data manipulation, analysis and visualization. These tools can also be applied more broadly to any hyperspectral luminescence data set. Our code is providing the luminescence imaging community with easy to use, free, open-source advanced analysis techniques. I also offer training, analysis help and feedback for inexperienced users in data analysis.

Lastly, I am facilitating the use of state-of-the-art imaging technology to a wide-ranging audience aiding the amalgamation of specialized knowledge while acting as a catalyst for novel key insights. I achieve this by providing cathodoluminescence sessions tailored to the needs of the wider community, ranging from full training to remote sessions during the pandemic.