From Darwin’s original sketchbooks to the advanced renderings found in today’s research journals, drawing and diagrams are a crucial part of doing and communicating science. Over summer 2021 we held two workshops, led by local artist James Norton, exploring the importance of diagrams in science and trying some hands on drawing ourselves to create comic books based on research projects.  Check out some of the comic books below.

Finding Maggie - Now in 3D!

Ms Maggie P, the magnetic nanoparticle, is extremely hard to capture on camera. Will our researchers manage to find her? Read more here!

– George Lewis, Mohammed Alawami, Tarig Mustafa, Ashleigh Ruane and Giovanni Oakes

Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder

Why are the bees in this story not able to see the flowers to pollinate? It is all to do with the nanoscale features on the flower surface. Read more here.

– Robin Horton, James Steele and Oliver Powell

Sally the space solar cell

Sally the solar cell journeys into space and her encounters with the antagonists (the proton pirates). Read her story here.

– Ryo Mizuta, Eduardo Camarillo-Abad, Aoife Gregg and Arvind Pujari

Ion Transport Highway

A traffic jam in a battery causing it to charge too slowly. What did our researchers find the reason to be? Find out here.

– Alice Merryweather, Anna Scheeder, Alice Dearle, Joonatan Laulainen and Daniel Scott

The workshop was a refreshing change after nearly a year of primarily  screen-based cohort interactions because of the pandemic.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch outdoors, and the ducks from the Cavendish pond were excellent companions!