The UKRI CDT in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (NanoDTC) at the University of Cambridge was established in 2009 and is a world leader in postgraduate research and education for accelerating the discovery cycle of functional nanotechnologies and materials. Based across the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Materials and Engineering, we bridge ground-breaking fundamental science toward industrial device integration, and drive technological innovation via a strongly interdisciplinary approach. With many industry interactions, and a number of spin-outs we have evidenced success in traction for novel nanomaterials and devices.

Our high-calibre ‘T-shaped’ students are trained in a wide array of topics in nanoscience, whilst developing in-depth expertise in a few specific areas, in addition to getting trained in innovation, systems integration and science communication.

A key overarching research theme in our recent funding award from UKRI is understanding and control of the nano-interfaces connecting complex architectures – we focus on understanding and measurement of nano-interfaces, controlling nano-interfaces in a scalable manner across size scales, and integrating them into application systems using engineering approaches. In terms of application areas, research within the CDT is clustered into four broad themes: Energy Materials, Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics, Sustainable Nano and Bio-Nanotechnologies. See here for a list of ongoing and previous projects.

We are physically based on the West Cambridge site, which is the main hub of physical sciences research at the University. We are located within the Maxwell Centre, and welcome enquiries from prospective students, Cambridge academics and industry partners interested in working with us, or from anyone else interested in our research.

Director and Deputy

Prof. Stephan Hofmann

NanoDTC Director

Department of Engineering (Electrical)
Director and Deputy

Prof. Karishma Jain

NanoDTC Deputy Director; MRes Director

Maxwell Centre, Department of Physics

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