Using Science Fiction as a tool to help us imagine and create our futures

Workshop in Oct-Nov 2022. Final Exhibition During NanoFutures Event, 24-25 Nov 2022

The StoryLab project began with groups of NanoDTC students and associates imagining the nanotechnology research we could be doing in 20 years’ time. Through the medium of drawing the groups fleshed out ideas for topics that were most exciting to them and created storyboards describing the technologies and their use. The StoryLab exhibition captured some of their ideas in the form of posters and original pieces created by the students. Topics included:

  • Removing microplastics from open water using custom designed enzymes
  • Quantum technologies that can benefit all walks of life
  • Generating green electricity in urban spaces through algae and perovskite semiconductor paints that are safe enough to eat
  • Using nanochemistry to create clothes that can clear air

The StoryLab workshop and exhibition was conceptualised and curated by Karishma Jain, James Norton (na/films) and Stephan Hofmann. Artwork for all posters was created by James Norton using drawings made by NanoDTC students.