We operate two main internal review deadlines for shortlisting and interviews. We continue to review applications beyond these two deadlines, but most offers are normally made after the first two deadlines, so early applications are strongly encouraged.

There is a separate funding deadline for University based funding – normally the two NanoDTC internal review deadlines are before the funding deadline.

For entry in Oct 2022 the deadlines are expected to be:

2nd Dec 2021 (1st round)

4th Jan 2022 (2nd round)

Some offers from the first round would have been made before applications from further rounds are considered.

Countdown to 2nd deadline

The deadline for Oct 2022 applications has passed. Applications for 2023 entry will be accepted from September onwards.

Your application must include a completed application form, both academic references, a transcript and a CV before we are able to consider it.

Once you have submitted your application, please save a pdf copy of it (pages 1-3 only) and email it to along with your CV and transcript.

Shortlisting and Interviews

All candidates who are shortlisted will be invited for interview. Normally the interviews take place in-person in Cambridge, but for admission in 2021 the interviews were conducted remotely, and we expect this to continue in 2022.

We will arrange for interviewees to have a chance to talk to our current students and learn about research and facilities in the key departments where we are based: Physics, Chemistry, Materials and Engineering.

The first round of interviews will be held early-mid Jan 2022, and a second round is planned for mid-late Jan 2022 (after some offers from the 1st round have been made). Shortlisted candidates will be informed by email.

Applicants who receive offers will also be
offered a chance to visit us in person, assuming circumstances allow. For 2022 this visit is planned to be around Friday 18th March.