Building a holistic approach for doing science, beyond core technical training and research, is an important part of the programme. This includes understanding and applying principles of sustainability and inclusivity in all aspects of research, applications, entrepreneurship and communication.

This begins with a module on sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship for scientists in the first six months, and further discussions and training follow in the PhD phase.

Interaction with industry partners through events and joint PhD projects, as well as innovation seminars, helps enrich the students experience.

Transitioning academic research to higher Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) and commercial applications is a key focus of our centre, which we have support through schemes such as the NanoFutures Leadership Award

The innovation and business training combined with a strong scientific foundation has enabled a number of our students and alumni to set up startup businesses based on their own research or on other topics.

Widening Participation in Science to create a more inclusive environment is an important aspect that the NanoDTC has focussed on recently, through the launch of the NanoFutures Scholars Summer Internship for Undergraduates.

The NanoDTC is widely seen as an example of best practice in these areas for similar graduate programmes.

Nano-Innovation Seminar Series

The Nano-Innovation Seminar series provides an opportunity for students to engage with leaders in nano-innovation during the MRes year and beyond. Recent speakers have included Dr Giorgia Longobardi (Co-Founder and CEO, Cambridge GaN Devices), Alison Mears (Co-Founder and Director, Healthy Materials Lab), Dr Jean de la Verpilliere (Co-Founder and CEO,  Echion Technologies), Dr Jeremy Burroughes (CTO, Cambridge Display Technology), Prof Rachel Oliver (Co-Founder and CSO, Porotech), Dr Gita Khalili Moghaddam (Founder and CEO, TumourVue and GlycoVue), Adam Richardson and Peter Lee (BSI), and Dr Graeme Cruickshank (CTIO and General Manager, CPI-Formulation).