We welcome applicants from across Physical Sciences including Physics, Chemistry, Materials and Engineering for our MRes+PhD programme. Please read more about the Course Details and information on Funding before applying.

Our recruitment Oct 2021 has been nearly finalised. Applications for 2022 entry will be accepted from September onwards.

Applicants will be shortlisted based on their written applications, taking into account qualifications, aspirations and experience. Final selection is done via an interview process which focusses on candidates’ independent thinking approach in physical sciences, in addition to their knowledge, aspirations and experience.

Please note that we do not offer the MRes or PhD components as standalone programmes.

For questions relating to the formal application procedure and other general admissions queries, please contact the Physics Graduate Admissions team: admissions@phy.cam.ac.uk

For questions not answered on our website, please contact Kim Cole.


Eligibility requirements

The University requirement for entry into the programme is a 3 year degree with a II.1, but most students who are shortlisted for interview for the NanoDTC usually have a first class degree and expect to have at least 4 years of training in a relevant subject before they start the programme, along with some research experience as part of their degree courses or otherwise.

International applicants should refer to this link to find out the equivalent of a first class degree in their country/institution before applying.

Steps for applying

1. Please make sure you read the graduate prospectus entry for the NanoDTC and the Application Notes carefully before completing your application.

2. Complete the online application and upload your CV and transcript. Please note that your references also need to be submitted before your application can be evaluated.

3. Email us to confirm you have submitted your application, and include your transcript and CV with your email. This is so that we can look out for your application in advance of our internal review meetings.

Application Fee Waivers

Application fee waivers are available to: 
1. UK Applicants From Low Income Households
2. Applicants With Asylum Seeker or Refugee Status
Further information on application fee waivers is available here. Applicants from eligible low income countries will automatically receive a fee waiver at the time of application.

1st Round Deadline Countdown

The first round deadline for Oct 2021 entry is now past. The 2nd round deadline is on 4th Jan 2021.