To mark the Cambridge Festival, Taylor Uekert (c2016) brings us The Great Escape of Ellie the Electron, a children’s book exploring photocatalysis on the nanoscale. We’re extremely proud of Taylor’s work, making nanoscience accessible to a younger audience – and hopefully inspiring future generations of NanoDTC students!

What does photocatalysis look like on the nanoscale? Find out through the adventures of Ellie the Electron, a young electron who dreams of exploring the world beyond her hometown Catalyst City. Once Ellie is chosen by a ray of sunshine for a great quest, she must become stronger and braver than ever before as she battles water molecules, floats in hydrogen bubbles and races through the Free Electron Freeway to power our world! Part of the Cambridge Festival 2021, written by Dr. Taylor Uekert from the Reisner Lab at the University of Cambridge ( and illustrated by Tinsideout (

To read all about Ellie’s excellent adventures, click here.

Taylor is a postdoctoral researcher in the Reisner Lab; her work uses sunlight and photocatalysts to convert plastic and mixed waste into hydrogen fuel. You can find out more about her work here: