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Category: Current Projects

The world around us shines with light of all different colours — some visible, some invisible to the human eye. Light is an oscillation in the electromagnetic field, and the length-scale of that oscillation determines the light’s wavelength, which, in turn, determines how that light behaves or how it can be used. So-called mid-infrared wavelengths […]

Quantum computing and communication is a highly exciting technology, capable of changing the current information paradigm. Instead of having to run expensive, time consuming, clinical trials for novel drug development, initial vetting of novel pharmaceuticals could be done computationally with a highly advanced quantum computer. Or it would be possible to send perfectly secure messages […]

Interdisciplinary science paves the way toward solving many of our most complex problems. And broadening our academic network yields some of the most significant advances in science (just look at the extensive list of authors in the best publications). This premise has been the bedrock in my research to tackle dementia by applying epidemiological data […]

Electricity and magnetism have always been closely linked in science. The coupling of electrical and magnetic properties of certain materials is what’s known as the “magnetoelectric effect.” This effect has a wide range of applications from biomedical sensors to data storage. Data storage is a huge motivation when it comes to magnetoelectric research. We don’t […]

Although there have been great developments in the field of cancer diagnostics and treatment, cancer has still sustained its position as a leading cause of death. Many treatment options have entered the market which can be very effective, but many are only effective at the early stage of the disease, which is why it is […]

Gallium nitride (GaN) based semiconductors, perhaps the most important semiconducting materials family since silicon, has revolutionized the electronics industry. These can emit a bright blue light for only a small amount of current that is passed through it. This has positioned GaN-based semiconductors as the material of choice for the manufacture of power saving white […]

Approximately 25% of the global electricity demand is used for lighting, which accounts for 1.9GT of CO2 emissions and 5% of the annual planet carbon budget. Light emission is thus a critical property that must be maximised and controlled, to ensuresustainable operation as well as to reach high performance limits in optoelectronic devices such as […]

All computers contain millions of electronic switches known as transistors. Traditionally these transistors switch on and off to perform the operations required to run a program on the computer. Computers are good at performing lots of calculations very fast but without special hardware they do not have the capability to generate truly random numbers. The […]

Our microbiome consists of 100 thousand billion microbes that live inside our gut. These are both helpful and potentially harmful, and often have a symbiotic relationship with us. Alterations in the microbiome have been linked with many diseases from infection, colorectal cancer, and Crohn’s disease to neurological conditions including autism spectrum disorder, stress and anxiety. […]

Carbon dioxide is a well-known greenhouse gas industrially produced by the combustion of fossil fuels for the generation of heat and electricity. The accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere contributes to global warming and climate change. Thus, it is of great societal interest to recycle CO2 because it can be used as a renewable starting […]