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Tag: a2018

We all end up sitting at a desk at some point in our lives, but not all desks are made equal. A desk might be made of wood, so it is cheap and light but you have to be careful not to stain it with tea. It might be made of steel. Now you do […]

Many chemical synthesis techniques used in industry to create pharmaceuticals and consumer goods are extremely energy intensive and produce large amounts of toxic by-products. What if we could utilise light, a limitless energy supply from our sun, to activate these chemical reactions on-demand in order to limit our energy consumption and produce less waste as […]

The interfaces between electronics and living organisms (known as Bioelectronics) enables monitoring and stimulation of biological processes. These can range from leveraging bio-electrochemical pathways in microbial organisms for energy conversion to developing diagnostics and physiological assays for therapeutics. I am interested in investigating bioelectronic interactions at the cellular level. For my work in the Knowles […]

In the ancient days, human beings were happy with the Hellenistic models of astronomy. As more accurate observations on planetary motion were done by Tycho Brahe, more sophisticate theories were correspondingly brought about by the likes of Kepler and Newton. Then as Einstein came up with more elegant theories of relativity, more precise observations by […]

When someone asks you to think of a laboratory, you might imagine a large room with lots of equipment and people in lab coats. This has been the way things worked for centuries. Now a days, we have the technology to shrink everything that would normally go in a lab to fit in the palm […]

The energy crisis is a global hot topic, with many targets and agreements constantly set and discussed as efforts to solve it. The crisis is tied to climate change, wars over oil and more than half the worlds’ population without electricity. Also, there are a lot of health complications prevalent in low income countries from […]

The world is facing a global energy crisis as CO2 levels in the atmosphere continue to increase at an alarming rate. What if CO2 could be converted into energy-rich products that sustainably benefit people and protect the planet?  Enter bacteria.             Society has a complicated relationship with bacteria. It is acknowledged for aiding digestion and helping produce food […]

Cucurbiturils (queue-cuh-bit-your-ills) are tiny barrel shaped molecules, so small that 100,000 of them could sit side by side and the total length would still be smaller than the width of a single human hair. These tiny barrels have a special property, the inside of them is attracted to oily molecules while the outside of them […]