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Tag: c2015

Nanomaterials are extensively used for a wide range of applications encompassing medicine, diagnostics, defense, energy and many more. A large number of reports are published in literature every year on the synthetic routes that are available for nanomaterial fabrication. However many of these routes produce a huge amount of corrosive waste matter after the end […]

The global demand for energy is increasing with every year. If we do not want to rely on burning limited fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases and contribute to the global warming, we need to find alternative sources. Sunlight, for example, is an abundant and carbon neutral. Photocatalytic materials, that convert water to hydrogen gas […]

Computer chips, industrial chemical reactions and detection of dangerous chemicals have all been improved by nanotechnology. Smaller parts packed closer and closer together have given us more sophisticated computer chips, more efficient ways of making medicines, and more sensitive chemical detectors. However, if we try to make an electronic device (e.g. a computer chip) with […]

For our bodies to repair and maintain themselves we must continually produce new proteins, the building blocks of life. However, protein synthesis sometimes goes wrong due to the protein misfolding into the wrong shape and structure. Usually, we have a cellular garbage disposal system that removes this molecular rubbish, but as we age this mechanism […]